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NZSFC Grand Slam Clubs

The NZSFC introduced grand slam clubs for it anglers fishing in New Zealand some time back. They are unique to New Zealand and serve as a supreme award for a life time of angling. To qualify for a slam club an angler must catch one of each type specified for each of the awards and meet the minimum weight requirements for each fish. All fish to be eligible to qualify towards your grand slam must be caught in accordance with angling rules for IGFA and NZSFC. You must have proof of capture (certificate, club year book, or photo of your fish with weigh board information included). All claims must be endorsed and verified by your club secretary. Your club must have been affiliated at the time of capture. These are life time awards and retrospective captures count provided the requirements are met. There are 5 different slam clubs which are listed below. To see who have won Slam Awards to date, please scroll to the end.

THE BILLFISH SLAM & Minimum Weights

  • STRIPED MARLIN - 100 kg
  • BLUE MARLIN - 150 kg
  • BLACK MARLIN - 150 kg
  • BROADBILL - 110 kg
  • SPEARFISH - 10 kg


  • THRESHER - 120 kg
  • WHALER - 120 kg
  • MAKO - 160 kg
  • HAMMERHEAD - 100 kg
  • BLUE - 100 kg


  • YELLOWFIN - 35 kg
  • BIGEYE - 25 kg
  • BLUEFIN - 100 kg
  • ALBACORE - 10 kg
  • SKIPJACK - 5 kg

 Tuna slams claims the fish must also exceed the line weight.


  • SNAPPER - 10.00 kg
  • KINGFISH - 25.00 kg
  • KAHAWAI - 3.00 kg
  • TREVALLY - 5.00 kg
  • JOHN DORY - 2.00 kg 

The Inshore Slam includes a land based section


  • MAKO - 40 kg
  • THRESHER - 40 kg
  • PORBEAGLE - 40 kg
  • BLUE SHARK - 40 kg
  • ALBACORE - exceed line weight
  • BLUEFIN TUNA (Northern Pacific or Southern) - exceed line weight
  • SLENDER - exceed line weight
  • KINGFISH - exceed line weight

For the Southern slam all qualifying fish must be caught in the South Island Fishing Grounds. 



To qualify the following criteria will apply

  1. All fish must be caught and tagged in New Zealand Waters (200 economic zone)
  2. The slam must be applied for, the application must be endorsed and verified true and accurate by the club secretary whom the applicant belongs to and endorsed by the appropriate Fishing Committee (if applicable) of that club.
  3. Proof will be by an official catch card recognized by the NZSFC, by verification from a club year book or magazine. The club must have been affiliated to the NZSFC at the time of capture.
  4. IGFA & NZSFC rules are to be observed.
  5. A plaque or certificate will be issued if the slam is awarded.
  6. The recipient is to be honoured in the Council’s annual yearbook.

To apply send details of your qualifying fish to the NZSFC secretary at PO Box 93 Whangarei. Inquiries can be made to secretary@nzsportfishing.org.nz


Grand Slam winners to date:

Presented at the AGM held 29th & 30th September 2006

Billfish Slam - Alain Jorion

473.20 kg Black Marlin; 235.20 kg Blue Marlin; 145 kg Striped marlin; 116 kg Broadbill; 23.80 kg Spearfish.

All the above were caught on stand-up gear


Pesented at the AGM held 28th & 29th September 2007

Tuna Slam - Alain Jorion - Waihau Bay Sports Fishing Club Inc

5.60 kg Skipjack; 10.91 Albacore; 265 kg Northern/Pacific Bluefin; 52.76 kg Bigeye & 54 kg Yellowfin


Presented at the AGM held 25th & 26th September 2009

Inshore Slam - Scott Tindale - Whangarei Deep Sea Anglers Club Inc

10.27 kg Snapper, 32 kg Yellowtail; 3.052 kg Kahawai; 5.362 kg Trevally and 3.10 kg John Dory


Presented at the AGM held 16th and 17th September 2016

Tuna Slam - Wayne Bicknell - Hawkes Bay Sports Fishing Club

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