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Management Policy - Snapper 1

In an effort to be more proactive in the management of our fisheries, the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC) has made a commitment to developing and promoting policy and principles that seek to achieve 'more fish in the water'.  

Our inaugural Policy and Manual concerns Snapper 1.

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council formally adopted this Snapper 1 Policy at the AGM in September 2012. The NZSFC will now seek to have this Policy adopted by other groups and individuals that have an interest in marine fishing, conservation and leaving a legacy of abundance for future generations.

Snapper 1 Policysnapper management areas

Download a copy of the Snapper 1 policy here.


To rebuild the snapper stock in Snapper 1 to the target level of 40% of the original biomass (B0.4).


  • No increase to the Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) in Snapper 1 until:
    • The stock has been restored to the target level;
    • The stock is capable of meeting the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations; and
    • Those needs have been adequately identified and allowed for.
  • To improve yield per recruit by reducing the mortality of small fish.
  • To encourage better management of our impact on the marine ecosystem. 


  1. Promote achievable and affordable actions to restore snapper abundance. This includes setting both a target stock biomass of 40% of the unfished stock size and a rebuild time frame. 
  2. Stop killing juveniles, fish dumping and other wasteful practices. This requires commercial and recreational fishers to modify their methods and behaviour so that more fish are allowed to grow to optimum size.
  3. Initiate research and consultation on what additional voluntary measures could be embraced to reduce fishing related mortality, to better look after the environment and to accelerate the rebuild. This requires a more thoughtful and balanced approach to managing our impact on the marine ecosystem. 

Policy Manual

This Snapper 1 Policy Manual presents the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Policy on rebuilding the Snapper 1 stock, and how that can be achieved. While the Policy will remain intact, details within the Manual will be updated as new information becomes available. 

Harvest Strategy Standard

In 2008 the Ministry of Fisheries (now MPI) issued a Harvest Strategy Standard that defined default management targets for our fisheries. Snapper is rated as most likely to be a low productivity stock with a default target of 40% of original biomass. This 40% target conforms to international standards. Currently, of the sub-stocks of Snapper 1 East Northland is estimated to be around 24% and the Hauraki Gulf/Bay of Plenty combined is estimated to be around 19%. We have a long way to reach the 40% target, and we need to start now if we want to leave a LegaSea of abundance for future generations. 

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