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Management Policy - Gurnard 2

In July 2013 the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council (NZSFC) developed a policy for rebuilding the Gurnard 2 fish stock.

Gurnard 2 (GUR2) spans the east coast from Cape Runaway to Wellington. A manual was also developed to support the implementation of this policy.

This policy and manual was developed in conjunction with the Hawke's Bay Sports Fishing Club and Zone 5 representatives of the NZSFC. 

At the NZSFC's AGM in September 2013 this document was formally adopted as an official Council policy. 

As recommended, the Council and contributors will update the manual, as required, to progress the stated objectives of the policy. 

This policy is available for adoption by other groups, organisations and individuals that have an interest in marine fishing, conservation and leaving a legacy of abundance for future generations. 

Gurnard 2 Policy 

Download a copy of the Gurnard 2 policy here


To rebuild the gurnard stock in Fisheries Management Area 2 to the target level of 40% of the original biomass (B0.4).


  • Reduce the Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) in Gurnard 2 to 460 tonne until:
    • The stock has been restored to the target level;
    • The stock is capable of meeting the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations; and
    • Those needs have been adequately identified and allowed for. 
  • To improve yield per recruit by reducing the mortality of small fish.
  • To regulate the trawl fishery making 125mm mesh cod end and approved escapement panels mandatory for any trawl used in FMA2.
  • To encourage a whole of the marine ecosystem approach in the management of our environmental impacts on the FMA2. 
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