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Management Policy - Crayfish 3 (CRA 3)

In July 2014 the Gisborne Tatapouri Sports Fishing Club developed a policy for the future management of Crayfish 3, CRA 3. 

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council ratified and adopted this CRA 3 policy at the Annual General Meeting held on 27th September 2014.

As with other Council policies, this policy is available for adoption by other groups, organisations and individuals that seek to achieve abundance for future generations. 

Crayfish 3 Policy

Download a copy of the Crayfish 3 policy here.


To increase the size and abundance of rock lobster in Crayfish 3 (CRA 3) and ensure the needs of customary and amateur fishers are met. 


  • No increase to the Total Allowable Commercial Catch (TACC) in Crayfish 3 until:
    • The concession enabling commercial fishers to take undersized rock lobster is revoked.
    • There is adequate allowance made for illegal and unseen mortality.
    • The stock is sufficiently abundant to provide for public use in a reasonable manner and timeframe. 
    • The stock is capable of meeting the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations; and
    • Those needs have been adequately identified and allowed for.
  • Commercial Catch Per Unit of Effort (CPUE) does not adequately reflect the abundance and availability of crayfish to customary and amateur fishes in Area 3.
  • The voluntary commercial closure applying in statistical area 909 and 910 from 1 September to 15 January be retained.
  • Selected areas within the 30 m depth contour are closed to commercial fishing year-round, to ensure adequate access for customary and amateur fishers.
  • Management responsibility of New Zealand’s crayfish stocks must be returned to the Crown. Advice from the National Rock Lobster Management Group is considered unbalanced and crafted to benefit commercial users of the crayfish fishery, while barely noting the effect of ongoing low abundance on the ecosystem, associated and dependent species, and non-commercial customary and recreational fishing interests.
  • Information on the proportion of concession size fish landed to overall landings, in numbers and weight, must be collected and made available for public review.
  • The Minister must implement measures to collect valuable data to inform on the status of the crayfish stock, this includes:
    • Annual recruitment and abundance of pre-recruits; and
    • The full description of the catch and harvest by sex and size. 
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