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Ministry-led Regional Recreational Fisheries Forums


Several iterations of Ministry-led regional recreational fisheries forums have existed since 2005.

In 2011 the Ministry of Fisheries reorganised the forums to align with Fisheries Management Areas (FMAs).

Nationally there are now six forums that include from seven to nine members.

Forum members are volunteers or nominated by interested groups. All members are vetted and approved by MFish before selection. 

Forum membership and terms of reference was reviewed during October 2012. The first meeting of the new Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) and forum members was in early December 2012. 

regional recreational fisheries forums


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Meeting reports


18 June 2014

Four members of the combined FMA 1 & 9 forums were at this meeting. Topics discussed included the Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial plan, the Snapper 1 Strategy Group process, the National Plan of Action for Seabirds and Sharks and research priorities for 2013-14. 


5 December 2013

Only four members from the FMA 1 and 9 forums attended this meeting with MPI to discuss the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park spatial plan and the MPI Annual Review Reports for finfish, shellfish and freshwater. Updates were also given on the Snapper 1 Strategy Group process, SNA1 stock monitoring programme, review of Crayfish 2 management and research proposals for 2013-14, including kahawai. 

27 May 2013

Members came from Whakatane, the Bay of Islands, and places in between to contribute to this meeting of the FMA 1 & 9 regional recreational fisheries forums, held in Auckland on 27 May 2013. Ministry has been asked to make available the minutes of all meetings between industry and Ministry. This was only fair given that minutes from these forum and other meetings are made publicly available for all stakeholders to read. 

21 March 2013

A joint meeting of FMA 1 & 9 regional recreational fisheries forums was held in Auckland on 21 March 2013. Forum members expressed their ongoing frustration at the Ministry's apparent neglect of members' input into the Fisheries Plan process. This contributed to an at-times fractious meeting. 

6 December 2012

A joint meeting of FMA 1 & 9 regional recreational fisheries forums was held in Auckland in December 2012. Some of the information in the MPI Annual Review Reports did not reflect reality. Members were asked to identify and prioritise a list of stocks of concern.


5 June 2012

A joint meeting of FMA 1 & 9 regional recreational fisheries forums was held in Auckland in early June. It was a testy meeting, reflecting differing views of the Minister's decisions to increase commercial catch levels of Rock Lobster (Crayfish) while retaining the commercial concessions in three management areas. 


3 April 2012

Eight members from the FMA 1 & 9 forums attended this joint meeting with the Ministry in Auckland, in early April. Main focus was on the just-released Annual Review Reports for inshore finfish, freshwater fisheries and shellfish. These documents are designed to enable monitoring of fisheries. There was limited opportunity for feedback at this meeting as the documents were only made available just before this meeting. MAF would accept feedback up to 24 April.


28 November 2011

Only four members from the FMA 1 & 9 forums attended this joint meeting with the Ministry in Auckland, in late November. Fisheries Plans were again discussed along with the expected sustainability reviews. Also discussed was the 7 September meeting with the Minister to discuss options for enhancing the recreational fishing experience. Brief updates were received on the MFish/MAF merger and the large scale multi-species national recreational harvest survey. 

15 August 2011

Another poor turnout, with three members in attendance. Topics discussed included the latest sustainability review, Fisheries Plans, the upcoming meeting of forum members with the Minister, Phil Heatley. A review of the NZSFC discussion document on bag limits was deferred until there were more members present. 

5 April 2011

A poor turnout, with two members from the FMA 1 forum in attendance. Discussion was limited due to low member numbers. Forum members were asked what their priority species for review would be, it seems MFish were late in deciding on what reviews to conduct. NZSFC very concerned about the lack of yellowfin tuna available in New Zealand.  

4 April 2011

Six members from the FMA 9 forum in attendance. MFish explained the stock prioritisation process and asked for feedback on which stocks ought to be reviewed. Trevally, Flatfish, Grey Mullet, Kingfish and Bluenose were highlighted for management intervention. Snapper 8, west coast, was raised as a fish stock that was below the Ministry's Harvest Strategy Standard default management level. MFish is confident SNA8 aligns with the HSS. MFish noted there is only sufficient information on around 7 fisheries to adequately assess virgin biomass and BMSY. 


23 November 2010

FMA 9 forum report of meeting with MFish. Eight members in attendance. MFish updates included advice on the national recreational harvest survey, sustainability round, fish plans, charter boat reporting scheme, Fisheries 2030, kahawai review, Kaipara scallops and the recent consultation to review measures to manage fishing related threats to mammals. 

14 September 2010

Report of the FMA 9 forum meeting with MFish. Seven members in attendance. MFish updates on the Foreshore and Seabed legislation, charter boat reporting scheme, set net review, recreational only fishing areas, the next sustainability round and the kahawai Final Advice Paper for the Minister, who will make a decision by 1 October.

13 September 2010

FMA 1 forum report. Seven members in attendance. New fisheries management framework guided by Fisheries 2030 goals and outcomes, fish plan update, charter boat reporting scheme and the Mayor Island Mataitai. 

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