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Current Lines 23rd June 2014

“4 Seasons in One Day” an apt song from Crowded House, with the current weather not allowing much outdoors - either too wet or too cold. I was surprised to hear of a striped marlin lost last weekend, and another lost in the BOISC International Yellowtail Tournament.

Congratulations to the WDSAC Junior TeamAs reported to us:- Amazing results for our Junior Team - Dylan Mason, Riley Pattison, Bayley Taylor-Mackie, and James Yendell - at the Bay of Islands International Yellowtail tournament. (Remember the WDSAC advertised in an earlier Current Lines looking for a junior team for this event, read on)

·         Great fishing for Bayley Taylor-Mackie and James Yendell which saw them in 5th and 7th place respectively in the overall Junior Angler most points section

·         Dylan Mason was not only first equal in the Junior tagged yellowtail section, but also took out second place in the Junior Male Angler Most Points section with a total of 744.5 points

·         Riley Pattison claimed first place in the Junior Male Angler Most Points section with a total of 824 points – well done Riley!

·         The WDSAC Junior team took out first place in the Junior section with a great points tally of 2,078.5

A huge thank you this year must go to the Oxford Sports Trust and to Junior Team sponsors Warren Hay Marine & Shimano – and a Massive Round of Applause for Skipper Mike Hodson, First Mate Lew Price, Chief Deckie Craig Smith, Team Coordinator Brenda Saul, and “Camp Mother” Lawrence Emery – what a GREAT RESULT!!!

Apologies from the writer in CURRENT LINES MAY 23-05-2014 - I inadvertently transposed names on my list of messages and in doing so did not give due credit to Luke Dolman for his fine broadbill and just to prove Tauranga is still fishing – it was Luke not Cory who knocked one off his bucket list also, with his 117kg broadbill caught out by Mayor Island recently.

From Tauranga Sport Fishing Club’s Facebook page- Fishing for the week ended 15 June: Mayor Is broadbill x 2 on Sunday 15th June at 10:30am and 2:05pm. Check out Tony Dolman's 128.90 kg broadbill and Kane Spier's first ever 162.40 kg broadbill. I had read how the offshore water temps are still up around 19 degrees, water colour purple with loads of dolphin and krill around along with some good fishing. Tony Dolman’s – 128.90 kg broadbill was caught on stand up gear 1 hour 30 minutes. No breakages to report. Followed by Kane Spiers – 162.40 kg broadbill caught from a game chair 30 minutes. Result - broken game chair. The angler’s words on Sunday “the biggest buzz for me was being on the rod for a change. I didn't know I was going to be in the chair as the guys had organised this without me knowing. As the fish bit I looked at the clock and was working out whose fishing time it was, next it was me getting yelled at by the boys, and getting pushed off the throttles. The power these fish have is something else. I was looking to tag this fish, and he came to the boat relatively quick, having a near shot on the leader in just over 10 minutes. The fish then turned and did another run where it sat for the next 20 minutes. Managing to get the leader back up, leader man Cory Davies got a quick couple of wraps on it which he wasn't going to let go. The fish was then brought up boat side for Michael Easton ‘tag man’ to tag. The call was made once the fish was more visible that it wasn't going to be fit for release due to where it was hooked. Mike then became ‘gaff man’ and the fish was brought under control, and pulled onto the back of the boat. 1st broadbill for me as angler. The boys plan came together. Regarding the game chair being broken, that's another story not caused by the angler.”

From Tasmanialast Saturday we were able to satellite tag our first Australian recreational caught broadbill fishing out of “Eagle Hawk Neck”. It just goes to show that day time deep dropping bait is growing in status internationally.

June 16th three boats from the Warkworth Gamefish Club- went wide of Great Barrier Island for a look, targeting broadbill. Three boats reported 5 bites, resulting in a 173 kg broadbill for angler Steve Parkes off the boat “The Game Keeper.”

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