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New Zealand Sport Fishing Council Inc has 59 member clubs with over 32,000 members throughout New Zealand as at February 2015. Our latest members are  the Napier Fishing Club and the Ahipara Gamefish Club who joined 22nd & 27th January 2015 respectively.

Clubs provide a vast resource of information for anglers who wish to improve their fishing. Joining a club does not mean that you have to do anything unless you wish to. Most members join to enjoy meeting other anglers and also to enter club tournaments and events.

Clubs provide a wide range of services and amenities. Larger clubs have bars and restaurants and provide a social environment for anglers to meet and discuss their latest fishing trips. Most clubs run a comprehensive tournament calendar throughout the year with many awarding valuable prizes. Joining a club allows anglers to fish for club records and awards and to increase their knowledge and ability. Many clubs have junior sections for younger anglers and also kayak, land-based, and spear fishing sections. 

For anglers new to the sport or for anglers who want to pursue new fishing techniques there's no better way to get fast tracked into the sport than by joining a club, meeting other anglers and becoming part of the fishing community.

New Zealand Sport Fishing encourages all anglers to become a club member. If you require any assistance or additional information on becoming a club member contact us and we will assist in any way possible. 

Club membership costs vary but membership is not restricted to the area in which you live. The Bay of Islands Swordfish Club www.swordfish.co.nz has many South Island members and Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club in Whitianga www.mbgfc.co.nz has many Auckland members.

Many club websites have on-line application forms for membership which can be downloaded.

Please check with the club to ensure that the annual membership fees are current before submitting an application. Some clubs require that existing members support your application. Talk with the club secretary who will assist you in this. 

Membership of an affiliated club also allows anglers to enter and fish the "Nationals" tournament and provides a range of other benefits. click here for more information.

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