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NZ & World Records
Use the drop down menu to check out the NZ / World Records & to download a Record Claim Form
NZ & World Record Claims should be sent to our Records Officer - Pete Saul - his address is on the back of the Claim Form - PO Box 403100, Ngunguru 0154. All other mail for Council should be sent to the Council's Secretary, PO Box 207012, Hunua, 2254
PLEASE remember NZ Records are free for members but for non members and for World Records you need to pay for this with the claim.
New Zealand and World Records are listed in our booklet. Pete sends out lists of new records as they are processed and it is up to Club Record Officers to update these. The records are also available off our Website.
All Clubs must belong to IGFA.
As a service and to make life simple - fees can be paid through the Council.
Cheques need to be made out to IGFA - the cost is $100 and the cheque should be sent to the NZSFC, PO Box 207012, Hunua 2254
Accounts aren't sent out by Council - we only collect subscriptions
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