Southeast coast MPAs

A Network of Marine Protected Areas

Proposals for the South Island's southeast coast


In October 2016 the South-East Marine Protection Forum released a public consultation document, the Proposed Marine Protected Areas for New Zealand's South Island South-East Coast.

The Forum has worked to develop a proposed network of marine reserves, these sites were chosen due to their ecological significance by a multi-stakeholder group. A representative area of each of the identified 34 habitat types existing in the region was included in the proposals. 

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's Fisheries Management – Marine Protection team reviewed the two hefty consultation volumes and issued a Preliminary View, including a request for feedback, in December. The subsequent feedback informed the final submission to the Forum on 23 December 2016. 

Relevant information

The following is a summary of the available information related to this issue.

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 NZSFC submission. Southeast coast MPAs. 23 December 2016

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council – LegaSea submission supports 6 of the 20 proposed MPAs and opposes 14 of those sites, for a variety of reasons. The submission highlights the lack of consideration given to the safety of people in small craft who need to fish close to the shoreline, and the prevailing adverse weather conditions that give natural protection to the region for most of the year. The establishment of MPAs needs to be supported by reliable scientific evidence to show the benefits that will accrue, the submitters will not support the implementation of MPAs for the sake of it. 

 NZSFC Preliminary View. Southeast coast MPAs. December 2016

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council summary of the 20 MPAs proposed by the South-East Marine Protection Forum.  This easy-to-read brief summary of each site's attributes and protection needs is helpful to better understand what the Forum was trying to achieve for each location. 

MPA Proposals – Volume 1. SEC Protection Forum. October 2016

Public consultation document proposing 20 MPAs for the South Island's southeast coast. The South-East Marine Protection Forum worked to develop these proposals over a number of years. The 20 sites were chosen by a multi-stakeholder group for their ecological significance. A hefty volume of 216 pages. [Caution: File size 7MB]

MPA Proposals – Volume 2. SEC Protection Forum. October 2016

Supporting information for the public consultation document issued by the South-East Marine Protection in October 2016. This provides background information on the Forum and the Forum region's social and natural environment. It also includes details about Forum members, their vision and fisheries data. Worth reading if you have the time to get through the 172 pages. This file is 27MB and is available online from the Forum site.