IGFA and Life Member Representative

Mobile: 022 539 8898

Born and breed in the Bay of Plenty, Mark’s earliest memories of fishing are surfcasting with his dad and uncles on Papamoa Beach after milking the cows. This and other land based excursions to remote Coromandel or East Coast locations created a passion and hunger for more.  His first boat, a 14ft tinny got him to areas he had only dreamed of, from there the boats only got bigger and the fishing tales longer, from catching mackerel to marlin he enjoys it all.

He quickly developed an appreciation for conservation, fish welfare and respect for those who publicly supported the future of the fishery, that’s pretty much why he joined a club, got on the committee to become involved and give back to something that has bought him and his family many fun and fond memories.

The first New Zealand Sport Fishing Council AGM that he attended was at Cape Egmont in 1998.  Mark says “I remember looking around the room and thinking wow, to be with people like John Chibnall, Rob Dinsdale, Bill Marshall, Allister Reid, Bill Cooke and the late John Hough, together we can make a difference!”

In his time with New Zealand Sport Fishing Council, together he’s helped initiate and achieve many things that he believes are for the better of all NZ rec fishers, the Kahawai legal challenge, New Zealand Sport Fishing Council fisheries management, Hiwi the Kiwi, Mataitai’s, New Zealand Sport Fishing Council fishing committee, IGFA rule changes, Top Shots and Nationals Rules are to name a few.

His role as IGFA & Life Member Rep sees him where necessary, helping with record applications, rule making or fine tuning, environmental issues, fish welfare and identification. He has an open door policy and if any club wants help with anything fishy then please feel free to call.

Mark feels that the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has changed a lot since those early days, but what’s important is that our fundamental beliefs in what we fight for are still the same.