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Vice President

Mobile: 027 473 4835

Warren’s first introduction to fishing was as a child growing up in Taupo and being taught to fly fish by his Pop. Days were spent exploring the lake front, Waikato river and up the back of the Waitahanui River with mates. Christmas holidays brought regular trips to Plummer’s Point camp ground and the fresh water fishing gave way to the far more exciting wharf and sea fishing available and the multiple species from Spotties off the wharf to Kingies cruising past the boat ramp. 

Warren now lives in Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsula and has the type of life a lot of us dream of – where you can balance earning a living as an Electrician with plenty of fishing and diving as the weather allows. He works on Tairua time where if the sea is flat you go fishing and as he is not a surfer when it’s rough you work – that’s just how it is !

Warren is the Tairua-Pauanui Club delegate to the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council and has this year been appointed as Zone 3 Representative to the Board. Having two daughters grow up in Tairua and seeing the love they developed for fishing and diving and just being out on the ocean has hit home the importance of protecting the fishery now and for future generations. 

There is nothing better than seeing the smile on a kids face when they catch a fish, and the pride they have when they get to show it off. 

Warren believes the NZSFC and Legasea are the best in the business at promoting and protecting the rights of the recreational fishing public in what are very trying times with the depletion of a number of fish species throughout the country and the inaction of a Ministry to do anything about it. He is proud to be involved with the dedicated people of these organizations and hopes his input over the coming years will benefit ours and his grand kids and they will get to see just what it used to be like. So, if you are in Tairua call into the Club for a beer as Warren will most likely be there, or keep an eye out for a yellow stabicraft and you may discover one of his fishing spots.