Phil Keogh

Zone 3 Delegate Coromandel

Mobile: 027 322 5536

Club – Whangamata Ocean Sports Club

Length of time as a delegate – 1st year, however have been in a supporting/coms role for other Delegates and with the Council for 6 years as WOSC General Manager. 

How often do you fish – Not as often as I would like, maybe 4 times a year.

I’m passionate about our oceans and sustainability. I want to ensure that there are fish left in the ocean for my children and that they will have a right to catch those fish and provide food for themselves and their own whanau in the future. I believe we as a council are the Kaitiakitanga, the guardians and protectors, of our resources and as part of the NZSFC can make a real impact and difference in shaping the future of our oceans. 

Favourite area to fish in NZ – Cape Karikari Peninsula, Far North.

Favourite Fish to catch – Kingfish, fun, good fight and can be tricky, kids love it, they look great, taste great but you get a rush from releasing them as well.

Favourite Fish to eat – anything that is fresh! But if I have to choose, Broadbill Swordfish, dense and oily but light and melts in your mouth, breadcrumbed and lightly pan-fried! 

I have enjoyed learning the process around submission writing. With the help of Sam and Trish I’ve learnt how to use the information we have, add some passion (thanks Scott) and draft and create robust submissions on behalf of our Club, it’s committee and its members. 

I have the unfortunate and highly unjustified nickname of ‘Captain Tangles’. This comes about from a fishing trip with some mates, who decided after I ALLEGEDLY got my line wrapped around both of theirs and the prop. After spending a considerable amount of time sorting it out I find that my mate Gazza had in fact hooked a shark and was the culprit of said tangle, but unfortunately the name had already stuck. So hence forth my name has been Captain Tangles (aka Nemo)!