Current Lines February 2017 Issue 1

The VHF is quiet, must remember to charge, the cricket is over for the first one dayer against Aussie, please don’t leave it that long again to win boys!

Here it is… Diesel have weighed their Blue Marlin, it went 181.2kg on 15kg line.  Congratulations to Rowan, Kieran, Lance & Ethan, who are also fishing the Eldorado tournament.  

Fished out of Whangaroa yesterday for the 1st time – Have been fishing out of “Tuts” but headed further north as Oceansst Maps info was telling us the better water was up there.  My brother was in contact with Hugo Maclean on the way up and he gave us some good advice that there had been some action at the Sea mount.  On the water at 5.45am.  Gear in just on the 200m line.  Water was 19.0 degrees.  Slowly rose as we went out.  Bit of bait on sounder in 250m, but nothing to get to excited about.  So headed on out. Did 1 pass over Sea Mount on a heading south.  Went about two miles past, no bait that side.  Turned to run back to Sea Mount then head east.  Was changing out 2 lures on the eastern side as thought was we should be running a different lure for a Blue.  Swapped out a 22mag rapala for a Bonze Hercules on long corner.  Was swapping out a 3.5 zukur for a Bonze scorpion on the shotgun and happened to look up and see a Marlin dorsal following our Bonze DShackel on the long rigger.  The Marlin proceeded to inhale that.  But didn’t do much after that it just slowly cruised off. Didn’t jump, just went deep.  We could see weight on rod and losing line but not a smoking run.  Cleared all gear, Jock got harnessed up and began to fight his 1st ever Marlin.  This was 8.30am.  Marlin just fought up and down.  It never got more than 400m away as have a topshot of that length and only just got to the join.  Had fish boat side after 45 minutes.  Fish was stuffed and came up brown with very little life.  What a battle for the two of us to get on the duckboard of my 6.1m boat.  Back to weigh station just after 12pm, fish was a Blue of 185.8.  1st Blue for boat. 1st ever Marlin for Jock Bennett, we were both pretty wrapped.  Back to Matamata at 9pm, filleted fish by 10.30 ready for smoking the following morning. Thanks to the weigh master at Whangaroa for the courtesy weigh.  Thanks to Chris Bungard from Matamata Sportsworld for smoking our fish and doing an awesome job. 

It was big smiles all round tonight as Rob Wells, his son Jamiro and skipper of ‘Mikes Stabi’ Mike Allan arrived back at Houhora.  Originally a Snapper trip ‘up north’, a Marlin was spotted and a bait deployed, resulting in Robs first ever Marlin.  The onlookers willed the scales to 90 kg but they settled at 89.8 kg.  Well done guys…see you at the One Base! Weighed in at 149.4kgs for Clevedon angler Harry Sharples off the boat “Blondee”, on 24kgs, caught in 400m water, east of Poor Knights on a Broadbill trans squid lure.  Another first Billfish for the season. 

ANGLERS ELDORADO INTERNATIONAL BILLFISH TOURNAMENTRESULTSIt was a close one this year with only .6 kg separating the heaviest fish. 

Winning Team: Diesel with 1708 points

Runner Up Team most points and winning International Team: St Moritz with 1212 points 

Heaviest Billfish: Walter Scifleet on board St Moritz with a 181.8kg Blue Marlin on 15kg line

Runner Up Heaviest Billfish: Kieran Pierce on board Diesel with a 181.2 Blue Marlin on 15kg line

Winning Angler most points: Kieran Pierce on board Diesel with 1708 points

Leading Lady Angler: Linda Bradly on board Moet with 1110.67 pointsTHANK YOU to our amazing sponsors: Total Marine Group, Mainstream, Super Freight, The Mad Hueys, 100% Barrells Whangarei, Pakula Tackle, Steve Taylor Tyres, Dean Steel, NZ Fishing News, BP Waipapa, Blue Marlin Lodge Vanuatu, Bay Four Square in Russell, Sailor Jerry Rum, Shimano, Al Brown, Darryl & Linda Bradly. 

The “Nine Pin Trench”, the “Garden Patch” and the “505” up north, with the “Foot Print” and “Ammo Dump” out of Mercury Bay being likely spots at present.  From all reports coming in, as many Blues are being lost as landed.  It looks to be about right timing for the nationals.Since Northland Anniversary weekend reports of Striped Marlin have being caught from; Raglan 3, Manukau 2, Ahipara 1.  Hoping for a sudden influx in the next couple of weeks.  Reports from the Garden Patch and 505 areas, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, SB Spearfish and Mahimahi were seen and caught. 

Thanks to all who came along to the Warkworth Gamefish Club One Base.  We had 39 boats and 140 anglers!  7 Striped Marlin were caught and 3 Yellowfin Tuna.  Heaviest Marlin went of Jessica Mabey on Rookie with a Stripy of 117.8kg.  Top team points went to Aria with two Stripy’s.  Full report and pics to come.  Great weekend and can’t wait for next year!  


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