Normal Records
ClassLine Class
Men19.75  J MillarJackson Bay21-02-20089.75
MenAll Tackle27.60  M OxleyWhite Island23-01-200940.00
WomenAll Tackle23.80  J BrownTutukaka18-05-1996n/a
Women15.80  Kathy MaloneHawkes Bay21-02-20135.80
Men210.64  Peter van EekelenJackson Bay18-02-201722.68
Women27.45  Kathy MaloneHawkes Bay18-02-20139.07
Men up to 1123.80  Aiden MatchettNew Plymouth10-03-2014n/a
Women up to 1122.33  Nikita KeoghanCape Brett08-01-2018n/a
Men 11 through 1623.22  Campbell ClaytonOff Waihi Beach19-02-2011n/a
Men314.26  K NyhonJackson Bay21-02-200615.75
Women39.60  J CottonManukau Harbour03-01-199812.50
Men up to 1134.76  Aiden MatchettNew Plymouth09-03-2014n/a
Men 11 through 16311.38  D BairdFiordland24-02-2006n/a
Women 11 through 1636.68  A TowersOakura19-02-2008n/a
Men421.00  A StokesWhite Island03-09-200427.55
Women410.39  M DanksHawkes Bay25-02-200519.50
Men up to 1145.56  Aidan MatchettNew Plymouth18-02-2013n/a
Men 11 through 16410.2  G FieldManukau Harbour23-02-1999N/A *
Women 11 through 1647.86  A TowersOakura21-02-2005n/a
Men622.4  M SavellWhakatane07-07-199131.18
Women614  C FitnessTauranga17-09-199526.19
Men up to 11610.59  J KerrWhitianga07-01-2006n/a
Men 11 through 16617.4  D CooneyTauranga04-09-1995N/A *
Women 11 through 1667.10  M JonesNorth Taranaki08-03-2004n/a
Men822.8  S FieldKaikoura11-03-199532.54
Women822.47  Michelle DanksHawkes Bay24-02-200927.20
Men up to 11812.64  Todd HemingwayPenguin Rise25-10-2010n/a
Women up to 1189.80  A SmithWhite Island26-10-2004n/a
Men 11 through 16811.2  K PollockWhakatane23-02-1994N/A *
Women 11 through 1682.43  LIBBY CLAYTONWAIHI BEACH21-02-2016n/a
Men1024  B SedcoleWhakatane11-12-198834.47
Women1019.8  L JohnstonMayor island24-09-199434.01
Men up to 111013.26  Todd HemingwayPenguin Rise25-10-2010n/a
Men 11 through 161022.20  J TattonMayor Island08-09-2007n/a
Women 11 through 161020.40  Sarah BeaufillWhite Island30-03-2013n/a
Men1525.00  L CarterWhakatane08-02-199036.74
Women1522  S HopeWhakatane14-02-199332.65
Men up to 111521.60  J HaddockWhite Island28-09-2004n/a
Women up to 111511.00  A SmithWhite Island26-10-2004n/a
Men 11 through 161521.40  J TattonMayor Island13-09-2007n/a
Women 11 through 161515.8  A PadlieMayor island04-09-1994*
Men2427.60  M OxleyWhite Island23-01-200938.00
Women2423.8  J BrownTutukaka18-05-199632.5
Men up to 112415.10Boyd IngleWaihua Bay05-07-2018n/a
Women up to 11247.20  M CreweBay of Islands29-12-2007n/a
Men 11 through 162418.8  T SneddonMayor Island04-09-1994*
Women 11 through 162417.90  Phoebe BurlingWaihau Bay16-07-2017n/a
Men3725.80  S FreemanWhale Island16-07-200740.00
Women3722.6  P OathamWhakatane16-05-199229
Men up to 113710.70  Lachlan KiddMayor Island30-01-2015n/a
Women up to 11377.53  K RandrupWaihau Bay12-01-2005n/a
Men 11 through 163716.12  Marley OrrWaihau Bay28/06/19n/a
Women 11 through 163719.5  T RossTauranga13-09-1997Vacant *
Fly Records
ClassLine Class
Men up to 1134.78  J RobertsonHawkes Bay09-02-20096.44 *
Men45.61  Tony HildesheimHawkes Bay26-02-20099.85
Men69.20  Frank LuxWhakatane23-02-199415.87
Men87.73  Reece JonesHawkes Bay24-01-200919.59
Men1010.4  Sam MossmanWhakatane20-03-199321.31

* NB: If a particular lineweight is not displayed, the record is vacant for this section.