Marlin – Blue

Normal Records      
ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
MenAll Tackle483.4  R JamesonNorth Cape16/04/2009624.14
WomenAll Tackle354.2  L MelodyCavalli Islands2/03/2007n/a
Men2     64
Women2     73.66
Men4     142.88
Men6     179.93
Women6181.8  Eryn JacobsenNorth Cape20/02/2011181.8
Men8215.3  Guy JacobsenBay of Islands6/01/2011215.3
Women8     287.01
Men10     348.67
Women10238.6  E JacobsenMiddlesex Bank21/03/2004291.2
Men15234  T WoolstonCape Karikari19/02/2002500.54
Women15302.0  Madison RossTutukaka13/01/2019302.0
Women 11 through 1615302.0 Madison RossTutukaka13/01/2019302.0
Men up to 1115226.6  Brad BattertonBay of Islands26/12/2010n/a
Men 11 through 1615166.2  J MasonNorth Cape20/02/2000N/A *
Men24364  T HickeyTe Kaha7/02/1988528.89
Women24325  I JamiesonBay of Islands11/03/1985428
Men up to 1124179.3  Hunter ScottBay of Islands10/01/2015n/a
Men 11 through 1624243.6  Scott de BruynWhangaruru11/01/2018n/a
Women 11 through 1624121.8  Samantha HayesTutukaka19/02/2017n/a
Men37483.4  R JamesonNorth Cape16/04/2009561.5
Women37354.2  L MelodyCavalli Island2/03/2007452.2
Men up to 1137227  R AngusBay of Islands27/02/2005n/a
Men 11 through 1637292.6  A HavillBay of Islands7/01/1999n/a
Women 11 through 1637212.2  Lucy JensenMayor Island25/01/2015n/a
Men60461.31  R GreigBay of Islands13/03/1968624.14
Women60252.65  M JonesWhangaroa25/02/1966434.54

* NB: If a particular lineweight is not displayed, the record is vacant for this section.