Shark – Hammerhead

Normal Records      
ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
Men14.05  J FraserBay of Islands22/11/19871
Women10.88  Sue TindaleKaipara Harbour8/02/20120.88
Women10.9  Sue Tindale – ties with own recordKaipara10/02/20140.9
Men26.52  T Williams-KingHauraki Gulf19/02/201214.2
Women2     17
Men39.2  Angus JohnsonBay of Islands19/01/201046.2
Women32  Sue TindaleKaipara Harbour8/02/20122
Men 11 through 1639.2  Ryan HousleyBay of Islands19/01/2010n/a
Men49.6  G PriceHauraki Gulf22/01/1994154.8
Women4     15.08
Men 11 through 1649.6  G PriceHauraki Gulf22/01/1994*
Men6127  D McWilliamBay of Islands6/02/1984151.95
Women6139  R CurinBay of Islands29/12/1986139
Men8153.8  G StoneTakau Bay7/04/1992153.8
Women8111  V JohnsonBay of Islands1/02/1985111
Men10148.1  T HillHawkes Bay24/02/1994184
Women1086.18  R HallBay of Islands13/04/1974189
Men15170.55  S MahoodTutukaka12/01/1985358
Women15160.12  R HallBay of Islands6/01/1974185
Men24189.5  M BoyleLottin Point18/02/1990246.98
Women24168.74  V JohnsonBay of Islands28/01/1980340.19
Men up to 1124166.4  M HaraldssonTutukaka16/01/1994*
Men 11 through 1624180.4  K WilliamsTutukaka19/01/2003n/a
Men37211.83  A Paul jnrBay of Islands18/12/1977281.23
Women37185  S FosterBay of Islands14/01/1982210.01
Men up to 1137131.2  H WrightTutukaka21/03/2004n/a
Men 11 through 1637205  S YoungWhangaroa15/01/1994Vacant *
Women 11 through 1637140.9  K RandrupWaihau Bay2/02/2008n/a
Men60203.21  A BrownBay of Islands14/01/1976449.5
Women60184.16  H WoodGisborne-Tatapouri24/05/1974184.16

* NB: If a particular lineweight is not displayed, the record is vacant for this section.