Snapper (Squirefish)

Scientific name – Pargrus auratus

ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
MenAll tackle17.20M HemingwayMotiti Island02/11/199217.20
Women All tackle16.35D IrvineSlipper Island11/04/1998n/a
Men17.70James FarleyMuriwai Beach15/10/20197.70
Women14.5  N BensonParengarenga Harbour3/04/20065.15
Men up to 1113.27 Tyler Speed Whakatane15/04/2022n/a
Women up to 1112.12Kaci PulhamTutukaka27/04/2022n/a
Men 11 through 1615.32Hayden SpeedOpotiki09/10/2020n/a
Women 11 through 1613.54 Emily SteeleNew Plymouth15/04/20220n/a
Men211.02  I JuryNew Plymouth28/03/199811.4
Women210.30  Anne SharplesFirth of Thames15/12/201810.30
Men up to 1125.62Caleb DruryWhangaroa05/01/2020n/a
Women up to 1126.81  Tammy PlumptonGreat Barrier Island18/02/2015n/a
Men 11 through 1628.1  Jag VezeyBay of Islands26/11/2017n/a
Women 11 through 1627.2  B DicksonBay of Islands1/01/2003n/a
Men311.32  A DoddNew Plymouth27/10/199715
Women39.23  Kim CurtisBay of Plenty9/06/20179.23
Men up to 1139.43 Hunter Nicholson Mercury Bay 17/12/2022n/a
Women up to 1139.08 Mila Pulham Tutukaka21/12/2022n/a
Men 11 through 1638.25  Finn VezeyBay of Islands23/11/2017n/a
Women 11 through 1637.464Evelyn CrawfordFirth of Thames03/10/2020n/a
Men414.4  S WatersHen & Chickens11/11/199415.2
Women410.76  S DobsonBay of Plenty28/01/200110.76
Men up to 1149  Callum WallCape Karikari22/11/2013n/a
Women up to 1144.857Zara CrawfordFirth of Thames18/10/2020n/a
Men 11 through 1649.72  P WilsonLeigh26/10/1993n/a
Women 11 through 1647.432  Evelyn CrawfordFirth of Thames18/10/2020n/a
Men615  K IkegamiBay of Islands27/01/199416.2
Women612.34 Alex Naismithoff Muriwai25/10/202112.35
Men up to 11610.59 J KerrWhitianga07/01/2006n/a
Women up to 1169.08Amber WarrenBay of Islands 07/11/2021n/a
Men 11 through 16613.1  A ProsserPania11/04/2001n/a
Women 11 through 16612.34  Alex Naismithoff Muriwai 25/10/202112.34
Men814.75 N GorringeLittle Barrier Island13/11/201514.25
Women8*15.84Danielle Hamilton 22.4.1712.6
Men up to 11810.8  Baily McIntyreCavalli Islands24/02/2010n/a
Women up to 1189.72Gemma DrakeTutukaka 22/01/2023n/a
Men 11 through 16812.2  J MoselenGt Barrier Island24/02/1997n/a
Women 11 through 16810.94  P WairuaTe Kaha10/12/1994n/a
Men1014.98  Wayne FlemingCape Egmont23/06/201415
Women1015.84  Danielle HamiltonAhipara22/04/201715.84
Men up to 11109.76  J FludeTauranga18/10/1998n/a
Men up to 11109.81  Tyler CoxAlderman Islands13/04/2009n/a
Women up to 11109.11Brooke LawsRaglan 10.10.17n/a
Men 11 through 161013.8  R MaessenBay of Islands26/11/1994*
Women 11 through 161010.08Evelyn CrawfordPort Jackson 05/03/2019n/a
Men1516.5  J HayRodney28/07/199015.4
Women1516.35  D IrvineSlipper Island11/04/199816.35
Men up to 111511.96  J Robertson (Tie with C Wall)Tauranga14/01/1997n/a
Men up to 111512  Callum Wall (Tie with J Robertson)Cape Karikari23/11/2013n/a
Women up to 11158.91  P EllwoodMercury Bay24/04/2007n/a
Men 11 through 161514.2  M DaltonMayor island2/12/2000n/a
Women 11 through 161511.93  N KeithBay of Plenty1/10/2001n/a
M-JuniorWORLD15.60Kupu-John AmoamoTe Kaha, New Zealand23/10/202115.60
F – JuniorWORLD12.34Alex NasmithMuriwai Beach, New Zealand25/10/202112.34
M – SmallfryWORLDShaun PolleyOuter Harbour, Adelaide, SA Aust.22/09/199715.20
F – SmallfryWORLD9.11Brooke Olivia Laws Raglan, New Zealand10/10/20179.11
Fly Records      
ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
Men11.04  Scott TindaleKaipara Flats16/03/20121.13
Women10.83  Sue TindaleKaipara harbour16/03/20120.83
Men22.62  G LittleHauraki Gulf11/03/20022.62
Women21.12  Sue TindaleKawau Island12/11/20121.12
Women up to 1120.82  Jovanna PillayTauranga28/03/2014n/a
Men36.55  Trevor ClarkBay of Islands18/07/19944.75
Women33.28  Sue TindaleArmy Bay12/11/20113.28
Men413.38  J KalmanWaitangi23/04/199913.38
Women42.13  Sue TindaleKawau Island12/11/20122.13
Men63.08  G LittleGreat Barrier11/01/20043.08
Women62.87  Sue TindaleArmy Bay12/11/20112.88
Men83.21  A FaganMercury Bay4/10/20103.21
Women83.11  Sue TindaleArmy Bay12/11/20113.11
Men105.9  P GatesWhangaroa26/11/20005.9
Women109.52  C DayWaitangi23/04/19999.52

* NB: If a particular lineweight is not displayed, the record is vacant for this section