Scientific Name – Pseudocaranx dentex

ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
WomenAll Tackle7.1  Glenda WellwoodPort Charles02/06/2013n/a
Men14.2Marty BensonFar North24/05/2017n/a
Women12.40Rochell EmersonWaitemata Harbour 02/04/2018n/a
Women 11 to 1610.715Alexis OgleWhakatane 26/03/2023n/a
Women up to 1111.49Charlotte SpeedPapamoa Beach27/03/2022
Men up to 1111.445Tyler SpeedPapamoa Beach28/04/2022n/a
Men 11 through 1612.18Brody RutheTairua Harbour24/02/2021n/a
Men25.74M BoyesThree Kings 23/02/2018n/a
Women22.14K DunnParengarenga Harbour17/06/2007n/a
Men up to 1121.6 Shaun KelseyPapamoa Beach26/04/2014n/a
Women up to 1121.74Jovanna PillayTauranga13/06/2014n/a
Men 11 through 1624.65Hayden SpeedPapamoa Beach 09/10/2021n/a
Women 11 through 16 21.02K RossBay of Islands25/01/2002n/a
Men36.82T NobleThree Kings Is23/02/2018n/a
Women33.76  Alicia SmithWhite Island25/01/2011n/a
Men up to 1134.27Tyler SpeedWhite Island19/02/2022
Men 11 through 1635.21  S HannahWhakatane24/01/2000N/A *
Women 11 through 1633.76  Alicia SmithWhite Island25/02/2011n/a
Men46.965  Marlin Williams-KingThree Kings31/03/2019n/a 
Women45.93K KerrWhakatane3/03/1998 
Men up to 1146.965Marlin Williams-KingThree Kings 31/03/2019n/a
Women up to 1144.22Hayley HopeWhite Island2/01/2011n/a
Men 11 through 1645.90Joel BringansThree Kings 31/03/2019n/a
Women 11 through 1644.05J WoodWhakatane21/01/2000N/A *
Men67.9Malcolm BoyesThree Kings Is04/01/2024n/a
Women66.03B HannahWhakatane24/01/2000n/a
Men up to 1166.50Tyler DaveyThree Kings Is 15/01/2023n/a
Women up to 1166.03B HannahWhakatane24/01/2000N/A *
Men 11 through 1666.49Jimi PlumptonGt Barrier Island5/06/2011n/a
Women 11 through 1665.36Hope MaiohaWhite Island04/01/2024n/a
Men88.91D ManaghKawau Island3/06/2002n/a
Women85.63A SybenWhite Island4/03/2000N/A
Men up to 1185.90Tyler DaveyThree Kings Is14/01/2023*
Women up to 1185.28Hayley HopeWhite Island30/01/2010n/a
Men 11 through 1686.515Cameron BrowneThree Kings 31/03/2019n/a
Women 11 through 1685.45L HerlihyWhite Island7/01/2008n/a
Men109.5G GowerNorth Shore9/05/1991n/a
Women106.12Maree AllenWhite Island10/10/2015n/a
Men up to 11107.75  Jimi PlumptonGreat Barrier Island21/02/2002n/a
Women up to 11104.46  Jovanna PillayTauranga12/04/2014n/a
Men 11 through 16106.11Fletcher SeftonWhite Island03/01/2024n/a
Women 11 through 16104.53  Sarah BeaufillWhite Island10/01/2011n/a
Fly Records      
ClassLine ClassWeightAnglerLocationDateWR*
 [kg][kg]   [kg]
Men10.9  M HeathNZ Angling28/04/2000n/a
Men23.91  G JacobsenWhakatane5/12/2000n/a
Women 21.83 S Tindale Mokohinau Islands03/04/2011n/a
Men34.91  G JacobsenWhakatane4/12/2000n/a
Women31.34  S Tindale Mokohinau Islands03/04/2011n/a
Men45.2  John RaeWhakatane25/01/2000Vacant
Women 41.21 S TindaleMokohinau Islands03/04/2011n/a
Men66.50T Williams-KingThree Kings Is.07/04/2017Vacant
Women 61.52S TindaleMokohinau Islands03/04/2011n/a
Men86.9  Nick WhitbyThree King Islands2/06/2015n/a
Women84.76  Bindy HannahWhakatane25/01/2000N/A
Men105.29 Kydd PollockWhakatane06/02/2000n/a
Women 101.28S Tindale Mokohinau Islands03/04/2011n/a

* NB: If a particular lineweight is not displayed, the record is vacant for this section