Te Korowai Marine Strategy


In August 2011 Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura, the Kaikoura Coastal Marine Guardians, released their proposed, draft Kaikoura Marine Strategy: Sustaining Our Sea 2011. Te Korowai asked for submissions. 

On 5 December 2011 the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submitted in response to the proposals. There are many factors that affect the public’s ability to fish and enjoy a healthy marine environment. All Council submissions are made with the objective of achieving “more fish in the water”.

The NZSFC acknowledged the enormous amount of effort that must have gone into developing the draft Strategy. This community proposal included a whale sanctuary, taiapure, mataitai, marine reserves and lower recreational daily bag limits. 

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council supported Te Korowai’s intent, but submitted that the proposed local management initiatives could be achieved using current legislation, and that no alternative proposals were necessary. 

Due to the overwhelming response, Te Korowai’s summary of submissions was delayed by several months. In August 2012 a summary of submissions and decision table was released to the 169 submitters. Te Korowai advised the final Strategy, modified by submitters’ input, would be launched in October 2012. 

These documents outline the process as understood by the NZSFC. The most recent document is at the top.


Submissions summary letter. 6 August 2012

Letter from Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura, the Kaikoura Coastal Marine Guardians, thanking submitters for their response to the draft proposals and their patience in waiting for their summary. Te Korowai advise the final Strategy will be launched in October.     

summary letter

Summary of submissions. 6 August 2012

Submissions were received from a variety of interest groups, sectors and individuals. Most submissions were from people or organisations based in the Kaikoura region.

summary letter

Decision table. 6 August 2012

Decision table detailing Te Korowai’s response to the matters raised in submissions.
This includes an additional section to cover comments made in submissions that were beyond the scope of the Strategy.

summary letter

Submissions summary Appendix. 6 August 2012

Appendix 1 – an outline of the three tools available for managing marine areas of customary interest. A glossary of terms is also included in this document.

summary letter

Submitters list. 6 August 2012

A list of the 169 submitters to the draft Strategy. Affiliations or groups are noted next to submitter’s names, if that information was provided with the submission.

summary letter

NZ Sport Fishing Council submission. 5 December 2011

The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council submits the outcomes being sought by Te Korowai can be achieved with current legislative structures and no new legislation is required. The Council acknowledges the effort being made by the local community to address a lack of abundance in the region.

Te Korowai Draft Strategy. August 2011

Te Korowai o Te Tai o Marokura, the Kaikoura Coastal Marine Guardians, release their draft Strategy for the integrated management of the marine environment surrounding Kaikoura. Te Korowai invite submissions and suggestions on how they can make the Strategy better, more effective and long lasting. 

summary letter