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LegaSea Updates

LegaSea engages with the public on behalf of the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council. In an effort to raise awareness LegaSea provides public-friendly information about a variety of processes that are important to the marine environment, our fisheries, and our future fishing success. 


The New Zealand Sport Fishing Council devotes substantial resources responding to a variety of fisheries management proposals, developing policies, and finding workable solutions to the problems facing the managers of our marine estate. 

The Council has an experienced fisheries management, science, policy and legal team. This team works with a variety of interest groups around the country to produce submissions in response to a range of proposals.

While our specialty is fisheries management, issues that affect the marine environment and productivity also receive a response.  

Hawkes Bay Updates

Keep up with the latest news and events to improve recreational fishing in Hawke Bay and the wider southeast coast region officially called Area 2. 

Fisheries Management Annual Reports 2010 - 2017

Since 2010 the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council's Fisheries Management team has produced an annual report summarising its activities for the year. These are worth reading to see where the money is spent and details of the various projects completed and still underway. These projects are the priorities, there are many other issues that are not addressed due to the need to stay focussed on realistic goals and outcomes. 

Management policies 

In an effort to be more proactive in the management of our fisheries, the New Zealand Sport Fishing Council has made a commitment to developing and promoting fisheries and resource management policy and principles that seek to achieve 'more fish in the water'.  The Council is actively working with its member clubs to deliver policy relevant to their region. 

Moyle's Promise 

Recreational and customary fishing was excluded when the Quota Management System was introduced in 1986 because the government of the day intended to develop a national recreational fisheries policy. The Minister at the time, Colin Moyle, recognised the significance of non-commercial fishing to the country as a whole so a draft national policy for recreational fishing was released in 1986. The National Policy for Marine Recreational Fisheries was issued in 1989 with a commitment from the Minister to protect non-commercial fishing interests.

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